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Welcome to the Magnum Inspections Inc. Home Page

The purpose of this web site is to allow potential customers to become familiar with Magnum Inspections Inc. Also, to help the customer decide if this is a company that you would want to use for the inspection of your new home.


Your inspector, Eric Van De Ven


With over 6,000 successful single family home/condominium inspections with in the South Florida area, let Magnum Inspections Inc. help you decide if your potential property is a sound investment. Take a look around to learn more about home inspections, qualifications of your inspector and other valuable information.

Formed in 1994, Magnum Inspections Inc. is a home inspection company specializing in inspections of existing residential homes in Martin, Saint Lucie, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Latest News:

January 1, 2014: Website redesign!

To all potential Clients: Whether you choose Magnum Inspections Inc. to perform your inspection or someone else, make sure you check out your inspectors credentials and get a sample of  his inspection report.

Now that licensing has taken effect, being "licensed" will not guarantee that your inspector is competent enough to perform a through, comprehensive inspection. Some newly licensed inspectors, may not have even performed a single inspection. Do you want to be their first? Other inspectors may have only performed the minimum 120 inspections to take advantage of the "grandfathering" clause in the home inspection law.

Some inspectors may also be contractors who merely took a test to get licensed. These may be the same contractors that were performing the work, which is found deficient at numerous inspections. These inspectors offer discount pricing in order to get their "foot in the door" and then sell the Client or Seller repairs.

Choose your inspector very, very, carefully!!!!

As per the Home Inspection Licensing Law, All clients are required to read, fill out and sign the Standards of Practice/Pre-Inspection Agreement, prior to performing any inspection.

Here is the section of the law that pertains to this issue:

The Law - Home inspector Disclosures


Under the Florida Home Inspector Law 2010    


       468.8321  Disclosures

Prior to contracting for or commencing a home inspection, a home inspector shall provide to the consumer a copy of his or her license to practice home inspection services in this state and a written disclosure that contains the scope and any exclusions of the home inspection.


For more information about your inspector, click HERE, and for sample reports, click HERE.

The 20 Questions tab has 20 questions you should know the answer to before signing a contract.

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The Electrical page is loaded with valuable information that may save your life, or at least help you understand the importance of certain electrical items.

Magnum Inspections Inc. offers Wind Mitigation as well as Four Point Insurance Inspections. Click HERE for more information.

Your Inspector is Licensed by the State of Florida. License Number:HI591      State License - Online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice - illustrated, detailed, in-depth research on finding, diagnosing, testing, correcting, & preventing building defects, energy conservation, & indoor environmental hazards. Unbiased information, no conflicts of interest.


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